Confessions Of A Master Clickbaiter

Master ClickBaiter (1).jpg

Wait, did you read that headline the right way? Yes, I wrote it to get you to click on it, but the content of this post is definitely not clickbait, although I am a master at that. 

The headline of your Ad is the SINGLE. MOST. IMPORTANT. piece of text your potential customers will see. Yes, the video stops the scroll. Sure, an incredible image will catch your eye. But those are not intended to do the selling. That’s what the words are for.

A strong headline cues up the reader to continue further into the ad copy or it turns them into a scroller. The words you choose to get their attention matter. They matter a lot.

Too often marketers get caught up in trying to sell their product or service and trying to cleverly manipulate people to take action. But there’s a better way: solve a problem. Yes, that's right! If your product or your service solves a problem, adds value, and makes life better, everyone wins!

You get the sale. The customer gets what they need. And we all sing  and we all sing Kumbaya. 

So how do you make a good headline? That’s a great question, I’m glad I asked it.

Let’s take a page from my very own playbook. Here are three of our top-performing ads where we deliver very different headlines, but the ads themselves all say essentially the same thing:

Stop 🛑 Writing Your Own Ads

We Fix Broken Ads 

Tag, You’re It!  We’ve Retargeted You


The first headline simply tells them to stop writing, the ad copy then explains why. The second headline clearly tells them that if their ads aren’t working we can help them, then the ad copy goes on to explain how. While the third ad is a retargeting ad, we get their attention by calling ourselves out for what we’re doing. Customers respect the crap out of us for being so blunt, that’s the most honest form of advertising there is. The message in the ad is simply another flavor of how we make their life better.

When you are trying to come up with solid headlines, get a whiteboard and start throwing every one of them up there. You never know what will work.

It’s OK to be humorous, silly, serious, don’t judge what comes out of your creative session, sometimes magic just happens.

Here are a few from our January 25 brainstorm session. These may have no value to anyone, but they got our brains going and that that’s a good place to start.

  • Morning wood leading cause of blindness

  • 4 Of 5 Marketers Screw This Up!

  • Tribe of Vegan Cannibals found dead

  • Cow discovers steak quits grass

  • Weight gain growing epidemic

  • Gym memberships shrinking

A great headline is interesting without giving away the whole story (it gives you a reason to click or read more). And don't forget, a great headline also leads you to content that makes sense. So brainstorm away, and don't be afraid to save something that doesn't work now and try to use it again later!


Ken ‘Spanky’ Moskowitz

founder & ceo