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Facebook Ads For Just $44? Shut Up!


Look At Who Likes Zombie Copywriters


Some of the world's biggest brands and some of the country's smallest brands have used the creative minds behind Ad Zombie copywriting to power their digital, social and even old school mediums like radio, TV and yes, occasionally (but we can't explain it) print.


Facebook Ads Start At $44

Pro Copywriters Writing Your Ads


Ad Zombies was a service that clawed its way up from the bowels of the earth to deliver incredible ad copy for all industries, on all platforms, any time. You can order as needed ads or subscribe to our enterprise solutions.



You get paired with a full-time pro copywriter.

Our creative team works fast - your writer works on ads daily.


All ads written in English. You own the ads 100% of the time.

On demand revision requests without limits. 


Need help or guidance with starting your ad copy request, our team is here to help.

Flat-fee pricing means you pay the same price every month, no matter what!


Great Facebook Ads, No Embarrassing Odor $44

No Contracts | Flat-Fee | No Zombie Aftertaste


Take a bite of our brains and see if you become a Zombie lover too. 

$44 For A Pro Written Ad? Come On!


Do You Really Offer Ads For A Flat Fee?
Oh it's true. We have created a streamlined zombie reanimation process that focuses on one thing, ad copywriting. We won't create storyboards for videos, or write content for websites, we do one thing only. Write killer ad copy.

OK, What Happens When I Order?
First your ad request will be sent to an Ad Zombie. If we have questions, we will hit you up, if not, we start writing.

I Do Mostly Digital Ads, Can You Guarantee Ad Approval?
There is more to ad copy with the digital approval process. Image selection, landing page destination and other variables come into play. Oftentimes a large number of prior rejections will trigger a red flag. We cannot guarantee digital ad approval because of these variables.

My Hair's On Fire And I Need It FAST!
Our zombies are fast (for zombies) but if you need the ad today, right now or 10 minutes ago, you should find an agency or freelance copywriter. To maintain high quality and consistency our system and our creative process takes time. 

Can You Design My Ad Artwork?
No, we suck at that. For this we'd recommend the highly trained and talented artists at Design Pickle.


How Can It Be So Inexpensive? What's The Catch?
There is no catch. We will work through your ad copy as soon as zombily possible. You pay a reasonable monthly fee based on your plan. No more hourly agency billing for great copy.

Do You Outsource To Other Countries?
We do not outsource ad writing. All Ad Zombies writers are U.S. based and have been in the creative field for years. All writers are proficient in English and Zombish. 

What Can I Write With Ad Zombies?
The zombies do the actual ad writing. As long as it is ad copy, our team of undead writers will bring it to life. We don't do anything but ad copy.

How Fast Will I Get My Ads Back
Your Ad Zombie works fast. Standard delivery is 1-3 business days. Ads must be received before 8PM Eastern. Ads may be ordered anytime (24-7-365) but will not go into active production queue until the next business day. Simple ads are completed faster than complex ones. You need to allow time for revisions and edits. Your individual requests impact turnaround time.

Will You Write My Landing Page Copy?
We are currently testing this service offering. If we find it doesn't slow down the ad process we will keep it. If it sucks up too much time, we will stab it in the head.