Clear Labeling Levels The Playing Field


Many businesses choose to white label partners. White labeling is what happens when the original branding of a product or service is removed so that the company you're buying from can put their own logo onto it. There's nothing wrong with white labeling, but it does hide where the actual product or service really comes from.

Here at Ad Zombies, we like transparency. In an effort to make transparency the new norm, we've introduced Clear Labeling.

Clear Labeling does more than expose the trusted and valuable partners we work with, it allows customers to learn about these great service providers and their capabilities.

Ad Zombies receives ZERO financial compensation from partners. Why did we develop Clear Labeling?

Our founder and CEO, Ken, believes that pairing the right people with the right partners with total transparency is a winning formula. The last thing we want to do is to create disingenuous relationships, something we believe happens when a transaction is incentivized over people.

We've carefully chosen our partners for the value they add to our business and the value they can offer to others, when it's the right fit for both parties.

Get to know our clear labeled partners, below!