Zombies Love Brains…and Scroll-Stopping Videos

Ad Zombies takes a unique approach to Ad Videos. We produce and deliver our videos using curated stock footage and custom copywriting and build our videos with Promo.com (one of our clear-labeled partners).

Our #1 Goal is to stop someone from scrolling right by your ad. So the video stops the scroll, earning a read of your ad copy. Your ad copy earns a click, and the rest is up to you!

How do we stop the scroll? With an attention-grabbing open!
What do we mean by this? Our videos generally start with one of these key triggers:

  • Surprise — an unexpected, off-beat video clip is often a great way to catch the eye and entertain the viewer.

  • Humor — because who doesn’t love to laugh?

  • Sorrow — we use this trigger sparingly, but for the right topic it can be extremely powerful.

  • Aspriration — seeing what COULD BE is a strong “I must know more” motivator.

Just so you know, Ad Zombies Videos Are NOT…
Here, the wisdom of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective applies. For him it was, “I don’t do humans.” At Ad Zombies, we know our lane, and we stay in it. So, what kinds of videos should you avoid asking zombies to do?

  • Product Videos, Informercials, & Whiteboard Videos — because to be done well, they require lots of custom assets, heavy (often expensive) editing and deep brand knowledge. Want a recommendation for that? Try the team at No Limit Creatives!

  • ”Viral” Videos — Looking for a Dollar Shave Club Video? Sorry. For that, you’ll need a sound studio, set designer, prop master, actors, an audio guy… (ugh, we’re tired just thinking about how much that’s going to cost you…)

Since we’re talking about Videos… let’s SHOW you some of our top Facebook, Instagram Stories, and YouTube videos!

Scroll-Stopping Facebook Ads

Generally 15-30 seconds, these videos are designed to catch the eye of your target demographic so that your ad copy gets the attention it deserves. From there, your ad copy earns the click to the landing page and the rest is up to you!

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Swipe Up-able Instagram Stories Video Ads

With just 15 seconds or less to impress, these eye-catching videos are designed to earn that coveted “swipe up.”

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YouTube Video Ads

Our YouTube video ads (also known as “pre-rolls”) allow you to get your message in front of the perfect target audience again, and again, and again. YouTube video ads have a standard run time of up to 30 seconds.

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