We write words that sell. We don’t run ad campaigns!


Lucky for you, our friends at needls do it for you, effortlessly. Look, Social Media Advertising is hard. Needls makes it easy by doing it for you.

How easy is it? If you can copy and paste, you can setup your campaign. It’s so easy to use, our CEO decided to use it for advertising Ad Zombies on Facebook.

Simply take our awesome copy (those are the words) and the intuitive needls platform will guide you through what to do next. It’s as simple as copying the 3 Headlines and 3 Ad Body Copies we deliver and pasting it into the needls platform. Then set your budget and BOOM! You’re in business.

The Split Test Ad Set is perfect for needls

What makes needls so rad?

  • 24/7 Optimization

  • Intent Based Targeting

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Custom Reporting

  • Live Chat & Customer Care

  • All for $100 bucks a month

We Write More Than Ad Copy

Yes, we can write awesome facebook, instagram, and google ad copy, but we also write Landing Pages (for sales funnels), Email Sequences, Video & Radio Scripts, and Web Page Content. Check out everything we offer in our Store.