How Do I Put My Ad Copy To Use?

If you've reached this page you've just just been delivered your completed ad copy and need some pointers on what to do next. Think of this as a "point in the right direction" and not an extensive guide on how to place Ads on all platforms. Grrrr... That's Zombish for have a look at this.

Facebook Ads Manager Guide

First time with Ads Manager? No worries, our zombies put together a snippet to show you where to place your newly acquired:

  • Headline

  • Ad Body Copy

  • News Feed Link Description

First Step: Hit Create!


Next it's time to drive traffic to your landing page.


Finally... the BRAINS




Campaign Tips

Facebook Pixel enables you to measure audiences; giving Facebook feedback in order to optimize your campaigns and reach the right audiences. Running advertising on Facebook without pixel is like trying to combat a herd of zombies with no weapons-- you’re not likely to win.


Need help with your Facebook Pixel?