Case Study: Mike Lawrence Holistic Therapies

Enrollment is easy when you speak to the right audience

Agency client Hana Marketing came to Ad Zombies with a campaign on the verge of getting snuffed out. Mike Lawrence Holistic Therapies offers smokers a way to break the habit, but first, they had to somehow find an offer and signup for it… that was the challenge we were presented with.

The initial Ad campaign was gasping for air as it was burning money on ads, reach, and some landing page views. But, the conversion rate was a giant goose egg. In their initial launch, the campaign numbers looked bleak:

Ad Spend: £74.40
Reach: 5,741
Landing Page Views: 28
Leads: 0
CPL: £ None… they didn’t have any leads.

Ad Zombies Solution:
Our team reengineered the copy and took a more emotional, direct approach that spoke directly to their target audience: smokers wanting to break free of the habit.

The campaign results were smoking… hot!

Ad Spend: £161.60
Reach: 9,129
Landing Page Views: 535
Leads: 80
CPL: £2.02

Before And After Ads & Landing Page Copy

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