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Ad Zombies Global Partner Program

Why Join The Global Partner Program

Countless times each week Ad Zombies gets asked in chat, via email, and in message apps, if we could run a campaign for this client, that business, or for a product or service. The answer, until today, has been NO!

Ad Zombies is, at its core, an amazing copywriting service. We write words that sell… anything! While we do run our own ad campaigns in-house, we don’t run client campaigns, we’re not an agency.

Join Other Elite Agencies Worldwide

OK, don’t get all emotional or butt hurt here… not every agency will qualify. Why, you ask?

Ad Zombies has built a strong worldwide reputation and is committed to exceptional client service. Agencies that don’t meet our stringent standards of excellence won’t make the cut. To qualify as an Ad Zombies Global Partner you must complete the application process above. Only those qualified agencies will be invited to join the Ad Zombies Global Partner Program.

Fine-Ish Print

Ad Zombies Global Partners are required to be active clients with a minimum monthly starter level service plan and a minimum of 2 months experience working with Ad Zombies. The Global Partner Program is limited to a select number of agencies. Only 75 agencies globally will be accepted in the GPP. If accepted into the Global Partner Program, agencies will be given 2 partner level option to choose from. GPP Silver $7,500 per year, and GPP Platinum $15,000 per year. Details of GPP options will be released upon eligibility verification.