Case Study: Flavored PB Co.

As a new player in the healthy low-fat peanut butter powder space, Flavored PB Co. had to break through the advertising noise of all the high-dollar, high-profile brands in their industry. Did they pull it off?

Flavored PB Co. took a different approach to the healthy peanut butter space by crafting decadent flavors like, Cocoa-Nut Donut, Salted Carmel Crunch, and Banana Nut Bread to name a few. The goal of this initial launch was to get their name on the radar of health-conscious consumers looking for more flavorful peanut butter options. Their sales goals were humble and they started their brand with a 6-month inventory reserve. What happened next NO ONE saw coming...

Ad Zombies Solution:
Ad Zombies designed a campaign to reach the fitness and health conscious consumers Flavored PB Co. hoped to get in front of.  Our campaign was comprised of 3 different layers: 

  1. At the TOFU or top of the sales funnel, we deployed visually-appealing video ads to entice the potential customer to learn more or see what this brand was all about.
  2. In the MOFU or mid funnel, we delivered a mix of entertaining messages to further deepen consumer trust and comfort with such a young brand.
  3. At the BOFU or bottom of the funnel, we created ads with specific offers and coupons.


Flavored PB Co. turned on their Facebook and Instagram ads and sales started to roll in. Their ad budget increased rapidly and hit $400 per day per ad set. Flavored PB Co. began seeing 5X ROAS and 6X ROAS and... something NO ONE saw coming... they SOLD OUT their entire 6-month inventory in under 4-weeks time.

Ad Zombies Services Utilized: 

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