How Flying Cheeseburgers Inspire Me

How many ads do you see in a single day? Would you believe 300? No? OK, 900? Well, what about 1,500 ads per day?

Yes, you really are seeing 1,500 ads per day... for starters. The average person gets 5,000 to 10,000 messages flashed in front of their eyeballs EVERY SINGLE DAY. Crazy town, right?

So if getting your product, service, or whatever you do, in front of the right people is hard enough, add to that the complexity of the sheer volume of messages you are fighting with. It's depressing.

Combating this challenge isn't as difficult as you might think. You need a few things.

2. Compelling Copy

3. A Great Offer

4. Make The Conversion

Oh, wait, what happened to number 1, the single most important step in getting the sale, opt-in, or conversion?

That's where a scroll-stopping image or video comes in. I prefer video for many reasons, but the most compelling one for me is they convert better than boring static images. Remember, you’ve got to stop the scroll if you want them to get to your headline.

In this video, I demonstrate how an ad from another company inspired my creativity and can inspire yours too.

It all started when I was served an ad from our video partner, Promo. The ad consisted of a simple video of flying cheeseburgers. See my step-by-step process using Promo to create an ad for Ad Zombies using a simple stock video of flying cheeseburgers.

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ken ‘spanky’ moskowitz

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