How To Crush It With A Single Video

So this morning, I was on my weekly mastermind call from different parts of the world. We get together and we coach -- we push one another, we challenge each other, and we constantly question our business models.

And something came up on the call today that was interesting to me because no one else is doing it. One of the men said, "Hey, I'm seeing your blogs, and I've seen your videos, podcasts, and content everywhere. What’s the strategy behind this?"

Well, content just like this blog (which started in video form and, at some point, will be in audio form on the podcast) drives traffic, sales, and eyeballs to the website.

I'm not trying to sell anything with this content. This content is creating VALUE. This is content that consumers and audiences are interested in seeing.

This particular piece talks about WHY I’m doing it, right? But the question was asked, and I thought it was a great question because a lot of people don’t understand the value of me putting out content that has nothing to do with selling coffee.

Because it’s not about selling coffee. I’ve got channels for that:  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. But the best way to build your brand is to build your audience, and this is how I do it: one piece of content becomes a blog, becomes a podcast, and then becomes multiple pieces of content across multiple platforms.

And THAT is why you see content just like this.

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