Just The Tip

Hey, if you missed my other blog post about headlines, you won’t appreciate the headline of this blog post, if you did, awesome.

Today I am all about sharing one of my favorite tools for transcribing my spoken word into written word. In fact, if watching the video below, you are seeing it in action as I speak it.

Tap The iPhone Video To Watch


If you have a smartphone and the ability to speak, you have the ability to easily transcribe your spoken words as you speak them. It’s called your notes app. This app is different in the iPhone and Android world, of course, but both allow you to do cool things like this. In fact, 90% of ALL of my content, Ad ideas, and important notes are “written” this way.

This entire post was created in under five minutes simply by speaking my thoughts and letting the phone do all of the work. Try it sometime… you’ll thank me… and, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start doing this sooner.

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ken ‘spanky’ moskowitz

founder & ceo