OMG! This Is The World’s Best Burger!

The world’s BEST burger? Really? I know what you’re thinking...

Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s sells more burgers than any burger joint in the world? Sure, their Quarter Pounder with Cheese is tasty-ish. Their Big Mac has 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun (yes i still remember the Ad jingle… because jingles work), but that isn’t enough to make them the best-selling burger place in the world, is it? Maybe.


Message simplicity for the win. Wait, where was the message? Cue Justin Timberlake jingle, please!

McDonald’s understands the value of building memorable brand messages that are simple. Now, imagine the flip side of this. Imagine for a moment that McDonald’s Ads actually showed you every detail of how they make their burgers…

The scene opens in a fog-covered, rolling, grassy pasture. Cows are grazing on the soft blades of dew-covered greenery as the sun rises over the hill. The announcer begins...

Cows Grazing.jpg

“We raise our grass fed cows until they are the perfect age… for slaughter. Then, we lead them into a truck, bring them to our processing plant and...”

...and I’ll stop right there.

Why did I stop? Because no one wants to think about HOW a burger is made, they just want to eat the burger.

Message Simplicity and Memorable Messaging Works

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of crafting tens of thousands of Ad messages for small businesses that did $100,000 per year to multi-billion dollar corporations and brands. I’ve discovered something critical about working on Ads for big companies. Before I share this vital information, take note because small businesses need to take a page out of the big business playbook and start keeping their messages simple.

Oftentimes, small businesses, because they don’t have a marketing department or the owner is the one conveying the importance of the message, try to cram too much information into their Ads. Every detail of their product, their service, their offering, is SO important to them. The problem is that, when you include every detail because everything is important, the entire message becomes muddy. It becomes impossible to define what the offer actually is, and, everything that’s important suddenly becomes invisible.


A message where everything is important makes nothing important. The important stuff gets lost.

It’s funny, you hear people use the expression “TMI” all the time, yet when it comes to their advertising, business owners don’t seem to believe in “Too Much Information.” Instead, they believe in the more information, the better. What they don’t realize is, they’re telling people step-by-step how the burger is made.

The process isn’t the goal, it’s simpler than that. It’s three amazingly simple steps…

Step 1: Engage

Step 2: Entertain

Step 3: Ask

If you look at any of the Ads we run for our company at the top of the funnel, you’ll notice that they all have something in common, they are very engaging and entertaining.

Why is that?

Why aren’t we hammering people with how-it-works messaging, deals, offers, specials, right from the get?

Because, like McDonald’s, the world’s most SUCCESSFUL burger, we are in this for the long game. Not every person in the world is going to be your ideal customer and you don’t need to convert everyone. Additionally, your ads will be lost in a sea of sameness within the noise that is today’s Internet and newsfeeds if you don’t do something that makes your brand stand out, pop, or remembered. Instead of producing some long-ass, boring Ad that does nothing but sell, sell, sell, how about producing Ads that are memorable and unique so you can become the go-to brand — instead of another blip on someone’s newsfeed.

If you do that, maybe people will start singing your jingle.

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