Save 20% On 18 Ads Until The Ball Drops

🎊 2018 New Year's Ad Pack🍾

While everyone else is sucking down eggnog and opening gifts, you're crunching the numbers and planning for a phenomenal 2018. We're giving your advertising a kickstart on the new year. ðŸ‘‡

If you missed our Black Friday deal (one we will never repeat), you won't want to miss this.

🔥 It's Ad Zombies 2018 Pre-New Year's Ad Pack. Now until the ball drops in New York City, you can pre-purchase ad credits for 2018. Why buy now? 👈
✅  Save 20% - Save Dough On Something You Know You Need
✅  Tax Savings - Write Every $ Off Of Your 2017 Taxes
✅  Because You Don't Have To Write Your Own Ads

Use promo code: NEWYEAR at checkout.

*Just like you wouldn't drink an entire 18 pack of beer in one sitting, we don't expect you to use all ads in one order. But if you do, we won't judge. Ads may be redeemed Starting in January on an as needed basis and must be used within 6 months.

Sale ends in: ðŸ‘‡



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