How Ad Zombies Came To Life

In The Beginning

Facebook is a powerful tool, one used by billions of us every day. This story is about the birth of a brand starting on Facebook and rising from zero to global in 6 months.

One day, back in March 2017, a marketer in a private Facebook group struggled with her ad copy.

Ken, our Head Zombie Wrangler, took it upon himself to re-write her ad. This created a ripple effect in the comments section of the Facebook post. A handful of people talked about their ad copy, wishing they too could write like Ken. 

After offering to assist other marketers "anytime they needed help," Ken's inbox became flooded with requests and Ad Zombies came to life.

Becoming A Global Brand

By week 6 of its existence, Ad Zombies had customers on each and every continent except the frozen tundra of Antarctica... even Zombies don't survive there. As the weeks passed, the amount of new customers climbed and ad counts quickly soared past one thousand, then fifteen hundred, and still growing today. By September 2017, a mere six months since coming to life, Ad Zombies reached a remarkable, global customer base serving both creative agencies around the world (over 70 at the time of this writing) and hundreds of small businesses from all corners of the earth.

Languages Our Ads Are Translated To

Ad Zombies has written ads translated into 15 languages as of October 2017:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Hebrew
  • Polish
  • Danish
  • Russian
  • Swedish
'Spanky' about to eat an innocent human at Infusionsoft #ICON17

'Spanky' about to eat an innocent human at Infusionsoft #ICON17

He Loves His Pink Jacket

Ken 'Spanky' Moskowitz

As a father of 5, this man knows how to multitask. OK, his wife does the multitasking, but Spanky's a close second.

Spanky started his creative career in New York City and quickly rose to the top of the broadcast creative industry. Over the many years of his career, he's been at the helm of brand positioning, advertising, and marketing campaigns.

In the mid 90’s, he had a killer promotional idea that helped Coca Cola launch their Red Hot Summer campaign. The campaign quickly gained traction nationwide. It went on to become a global branding effort.

Spanky led rebranding and resurrection efforts for many major and smaller brands over the last three decades; brands like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its famed Indy 500, Frito-Lay, Samuel Adams, Coca Cola, M&M Mars, CLR, Campbell’s, and SpaghettiOs; sports teams like the Phoenix Suns and the Arizona Diamondbacks, American Dermatology Center, Don and Charlie’s Steakhouse, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He revitalized ailing broadcast outlets and sports franchise brands across the country. Spanky's unique approach to creative and fun, yet memorable branding, sets him apart in the industry. His approach is at times edgy, always unique, but very memorable.



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